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Dear My Future Girlfriend

Hi how are you doing? I have no clue who you are but i hope this is how our relationship goes. - You don’t mind waking up to super cheesey notes like good morning beautiful if for some reason im not by your side. And yes i said notes… not just texts. Thank you for trying to play baseball with me. And for that i hope i tried something like face masks or letting you paint my nails. I mean that is fair. Sorry for the random hugs, kisses, and tickle fights. I hope its okay that I bring your mom flowers too, and your pops and i talk sports. But ill bring you flowers too silly. I hope that your okay that my favorite movies are the titantic and the notebook. You accept that i wear skinny jeans, a hoodie or cadigan and v-necks on the daily. As well as my collection of vans. I’m okay with just cuddling for a night instead of all having to have sex. I love holding hands, i love a girl that will make me laugh. I promise, to be honest with you. Tell you everything from my middle name to my biggest fear as a third grader. I promise to hold you close when your scared, I promise to beat up anybody that gives you trouble even if you dont need me to fight your battles. I promise to show you off, bring you home to my family, drive you around, always open doors, always pay. take you out on dates for no reason, no matter how long we’ve been dating. I will tuck you in, answer the phone at 4 am for you, be there for you, for your family, for your friends,If its your time of the month ill go to the store and get your products and favorite candy and some flowers without you asking. Ill have you answer my texts instead of trying to quickly grab my phone and hide it. I know you got your girls and i got my boys so we might not always be together, but you will always be the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last thing when i fall asleep. I promise to stay honest, stay loyal, stay respectful, and stay loving you. I promise to love you with all my heart.

-Nicholas L. Dixon

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We all want that one person who..

We all want that one person. That one person that we don’t try to force something to happen, that one person that becomes our best friend first before we even begin to question if there are feelings there. That one person we can be ourselves around, and not ourselves like acting goofy or showing off the less desirable sides of ourselves. But being ourselves as in they know your past, they know the struggle you’ve faced, the shit you’ve been through, the mistakes, the heartbreak, the faults, and the good things and still love and accept you as you. That one person who feels just right in your arms, the one that you think to text first in the morning, last at night, the one person you text first whenever something big happens. That one person who can catch your tears, tell you everything is gonna be alright. That one person who you don’t always exactly agree with, that one person who challenges you to be something better, who pushes you to be a better person just by being around you. That one person that you wana bring home to your family, who you don’t mind people thinking you guys are always together. You want that one person who wants and loves you partly because for some crazy reason they are actually attracted to you, partly because of the late conversations, heart to hearts, and memories where if they were shared with anyone else would not feel the same. That one person who you want to be there for, the one you would do anything for, the one thats your first and last thought in the morning and at night. The one person who knows how much you love them, but never would take advantage of it. The one person that isn’t just your girlfriend or boyfriend, but your best friend. The one person who you feel comfortable saying “I cant do that” too because they’ll turn right around and point out a million reasons why you can. We all want the one person who makes your heart skip a beat, whose texts brings smiles to your face, whose every tweet or status or post makes you wonder if its about you. We all want that person where nothing is rushed, where you guys aren’t even sure how you got lucky enough to get close with each other. We all want that one person we imagine standing opposite to us on our wedding days, that one person where you don’t have to worry about the future with them because every moment is something new, something that leaves no question that they are the one you want to be with. That one person who seems worth it all, worth any pain, worth any sacrifice, worth any obstacle, worth stepping out of your comfort zone for. We go through life feeling like were just one person, we want that one person who feels like they are your other half, that they aren’t just the person that you kiss and hold, but the person that  will literally play a role in who you are.

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reblog and make a wish

this is my second time reblogging and my first wish came true so

i have to

I reblogged this a week ago, my wish came true 2 days ago, hopefully my wish will come true this time
why not

i did this a few days ago and it also came true, i was freaked out like fuck


here goes nothing
well lets see 

love this

i remember a few months ago, wishing that my crush would like me back on this post 
and now he’s my bf



Taylor Swift and Kanye


wow plot twist of the century

Except for that is Kevin Heart…